Communicate. Discover. Create

The EARTHSHOPS Experience

A peaceful hum settles over participants as they concentrate on their projects under the pleasant sun, feeling the gentle spring breeze. Occasionally sharing thoughts and ideas. Outdoors, enjoying the sounds and sights of nature, or indoors in our welcoming Artist’s Studio.

EARTHSHOPS workshops offers an open minded atmosphere where individuals are inspired to develop their own unique perspectives, creative imagination and communication styles.

The freedom to incorporate a variety of materials and techniques into projects, offers endless possibilities for creativity and boost self-reliance skills.

Offered with the opportunity to develop problem solving abilities and collaboration work skills, brainstorming ideas for their creative projects with others, participants are welcomed to expiriance EARTHSHOPS enviroment and florish in it.

Nurturing individuals connection to Nature by encouraging creative thinking in Art and Communication is a part of EARTHSHOPS state of mind.


By spending time in nature’s tranquility and finding our natural place in it, hours slide by like minutes. Incorporating nature’s influence into our every day lives; nature’s positive and calming effects are a key to maintaining our peace and harmony. Nature is where we find our inspiration for our art; it is the source of creativity and imagination.


Expressing ideas, experimenting with a well organized and unique selection of materials, tools and styles inspired by nature. Participants discover the extent and potential of their imagination and creativity, as well as being provided with the tools to solve arising project challenges with creative thinking and a very hands on approach.

EARTHSHOPS is dedicated to all members of the family, to celebrate Nature and incorporating its wonder into our everyday lives.




EARTHSHOPS Caregiver’s Workshops are designed to listen to frustrations and successes.

In this workshop you will explore listening and speaking techniques, and develop a creative communication style to honour everyone in your family or classroom.



Igniting children imagination through art to reconnect with nature and appreciate its beauty. Our workshops encourage a healthy curiosity, using imagination as a tool to inspire and create.

This workshop is designed for children and adults to enjoy their bonding time in countless ways.

“I believe in encouraging and inspiring and awakening curiosity, the choice is always of the child.”