Art N' Nature Workshop

What is it all about?

Igniting children imagination through art to reconnect with nature and appreciate its beauty. Our workshops encourage a healthy curiosity, using imagination as a tool to inspire and create.

EARTHSHOPS is a platform for all generations to get together and inspire each other. Equipped with peaceful, respectful, no punishments communication toolsthat require no compromising of values and beliefs. This workshop is designed for children and adults to enjoy their bonding time in countless ways.

Parents are welcome to stay and talk among themselves, while children 10 and up are at one of EARTHSHOPS directed by the earth programs. Younger children are welcome too as long as the parent is watching and helping them.

Children are curious about crafting and have lots of questions especially when they see adults crafting too.

What we will explore in this workshop?

You will have the freedom, inspiration, equipment, time & space to explore the outer reaches of your unique imagination

You will create something out of nothing

you will be provided with an abundance of materials & techniques to implement creative ideas to one’s own twist. You should be You

Workshop duration

Guided and free choice hands-on workshops

7 weekly sessions that take anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours

Inspired by nature for ages 10 and up

EARTHSHOPS will ignite your child’s imagination through nature.

Some of Our Creations

“EARTHSHOPS is dedicated to the entire family, to celebrate nature and incorporating its wonder into our everyday lives. To compassionately assist with cutting difficult learning curves and maximize graceful moments. I am thankful to the privilege of being part of your journey, deeply moved by your testimonials and excited to meet new participants.”